How Psychic Are You (Various Dates)
Have you ever had any spiritual experiences and wanted to find out if you have gifts? Have you sensed, heard or seen spiritual beings or loved ones? Or maybe you’ve heard your name being called but thought it was just your imagination? Have you known that something was going to happen before it actually did?
Gifted individuals have an uncanny ability to help others. They can always sense if someone is unwell and in need of assistance. They are the “sensitives” of the world and have unique talents and “gifts” that enable them to help others. Many people are drawn to sensitives, as their empathic nature and increased sensitivity allows them to feel on a deep level.
If you feel that this is you, then we invite you to come along to this informal chat and find out what specific gifts you have.
For more information and to book your place please contact Joanne on 07771995748.