Reiki Courses – Introduction
Reiki was founded in Japan in the early 1900’s by a Buddhist monk called Mikao Usui. It has its origins in ancient Japanese healing arts, philosophy and psychology. Although it’s now widely used within the NHS as a hands on healing and relaxation therapy, originally it was used as a pathway towards peace, health and wellbeing.
In this introduction session we will be learning;
– What is Reiki?
– How the Reiki Precepts can help us in our everyday lives,
– How Reiki can help us to be calmer and healthier in response to life’s challenges,
– How to perform a Reiki self-cleansing meditation, and
– How to perform a Reiki Therapy session on yourself and others.
Refreshments are included.
Cost is £25 per person via PayPal link or bank transfer and needs to be paid in advance in order to book your place 💜
Contact Joanne on 07771995748 for more info or to book your place.
Joanne has been practicing Reiki for 18 years and teaching this beautiful healing system for 14 years.