Usui Reiki Ryoho – Level 2 (Various Dates)
Usui Reiki Ryoho is the closest reiki to the original outside of Japan. In English it means “Usui’s method of spiritual/natural healing.
This Second Degree course is split over 2 full days in accordance with the Reiki Council’s guidelines and Joanne has a 6th generation lineage (approved by the U.K. Reiki Federation) and has been teaching reiki for 15 years. Day 1 is taught via Zoom online. The second full day of this course will be taught in person at a venue that is suitable for each student (either at Haven Wellbeing Centre Washington, or at Stakeford).
If wanting to take your professional practice into the NHS, hospices or salons then you have to be listed on an accredited National Register. This course teaches how to achieve that.
This Second Degree course is for people that have completed their level 1 at least 3 months previously and want to take their reiki practice to the next level whilst learning in the original way. What is included;
– original Japanese energy exercises and meditations to promote self healing,
– the Second Degree symbols and their practical and spiritual uses,
– how to perform distance healing for self and others,
– how to perform a full reiki session,
– space clearing,
– information on how to set up a reiki practice if required,
– the law and reiki
– National Occupational Standards,
– insurance options for students that want to practice as a business,
– free refresher courses,
– a Second Degree/Practitioner certificate with approved lineage going back to the founder Usui,
– in-depth practical workbook,
– each student will be legally qualified to practice on the general public at the end of the course (subject to insurance being in place).
Joanne understands the value of one on one teaching and the importance of asking questions so keeps these classes small. This ensures each student can learn at their own pace.
There is a huge amount of misinformation about reiki relating to do’s and do nots and what reiki really is. This course teaches the original reiki and how it fits so well in every area of your life for personal and spiritual development.
Investment £175.00 for the full 2 days. A non-refundable deposit of £70 is required when booking your place. To book or for more information please contact Joanne on 07771995748 or via email to 🦋